Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Freezing for the Christmas Season

As the lights turned red and the little lit up man told us it was safe to walk, our agents casually dressed in their day to day clothing, preformed short choreographed dance routines thanks to fitness instructor gone agent Kristina Lee. No dance training was required. No coordination was required. Just the ability to walk, maybe skip and to have fun.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where's Waldo... Live from Edmonton

Where’s Waldo... Live From Edmonton

Saturday August 15th

25 Edmonton Improv Agents gathered under a tent boasting a

homemade “Where’s Waldo” banner made by agents

Dorothy Hamilton and Josh Horner with the mission to

bring the Where’s Waldo books ALIVE in the streets of Edmonton!

Armed with striped shirts, blue jeans, glasses, canes and hats

the group headed off to the first destination. A strip of Whyte Avenue,

104 street and 105 street, was littered with Waldo decoys enjoying the shops, going for coffee, checking emails, eating ice cream and browsing the street vendors wares.

Where's Waldo is a popular children's book consisting of a complex full page illustrations to which the purpose is to find the character "Waldo". However, there are many decoy Waldo characters whom are missing one or more wardrobe components. Agent Jeremy Bindon did a brilliant job at capturing the essence of a "Waldo decoy".

Mean while agents Dustin Bajer and Kailey White

spent sometime in Divine Decadence,

one of Edmonton's vintage shops,

perusing the collection

of fine striped shirts.

Hidden amongst the decoy Waldo's we did have Edmonton Improvs very own real Waldo

played by the fantastically curly haired Agent Evan Samson.

This being only Edmonton Improv's second event I think we have amazing potentcail as did the Edmonton Journal who interviewed many of the agents that night and photographed the group while we walked down Calgary Trail.

I think it is safe

to say that

Edmonton Improv

can and will

continue to make peoples day!

And a special thanks to Val for taking all of these amazing photo's!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cheering on The Running Room

On July 26 at 8:30am Edmonton Improv Agents decorated and populated the running path of the 109 street Running Room Club by the U of A.
Agents Jeremy Bindon, Oleg Bogatyrevich, Anton Pyl, Evan Samson, Micah Bronwyn Cooper, Val, Ries Mentink, Heather Fath, Dorothy Hamilton, Eric Bisanz, Nicole Com[, Adam Nieman, Dustin Bajer, David Hulowski, Timothy Fath and Kelly Marie Hobbs Cheered thier hearts out sporting signs, banners, water, trophies, medals, ribbons, a finish line and most importantly... a "personal" sound system rigged by agent David Hulowski.

Agent David don his backpack stuffed with a
car battery freshly fished from his vehicle, strapped a stereo to his chest and dangled speakers from his shoulders. Agents and runners rocked out to Eye of The Tiger by Survivor and Chariots Of Fire of Vangelis.

Edmonton Improv Agents cheered on 150 to 200 runners that morning. The reaction from the runners was that of completely surprise and total excitement.

I for one truly believe that this fantastic group of Improv Agents will continue to inspire Edmontonians and other group members to cause scenes of chaos and joy in public spaces. Lets shake up this uptight world!